Maggie is sick :(

Maggie came down with a 102.5 degree fever last night.  She’s having a hard time because she’s not allowed to go near her baby sister while she’s sick.

I’d also like to thank Beth and Amy.  They have been here helping out every day.  I don’t know how we would do this without them.

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Mom and Layla Come Home

Audra and I had a nice dinner at the hospital tonight.  The hospital treated us to steak and grilled chicken with sparkling cider and cheesecake.  It was nice and relaxing.

Audra and Layla get to come home tomorrow.  Beth is working the afternoon for me (thanks Beth) so I can go and pick them up.  If the hospital is running on time we should get to leave around 1:00 pm.  It’s getting late…I’ll put some more pictures on tomorrow…later.

Audra & Layla Doing Fine

Maggie and I just got up. We gave Audra and Layla a call, they’re both doing fine. Audra has the same night nurses as last time so she is very comfortable. Overall, she says she feels much better than last time. Layla fed a few times over night so she is now on her regular feeding cycle.

Layla Jae Layla Jae Layla Jae

Maggie Mae Layla Jae

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It’s 9:07 am and we’re getting ready to take Maggie to gymnastics at Gyminny Kids.  After the baby is born we’ll take the camera to class and get some new gymnastics pics.

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Welcome to the Slife Family Website.

We finally have our website back online. We’re going to do it in the form of a blog (or weblog). A blog is just a very easy way to put our thoughts and pictures online. We are going to try to update the site several times per week, especially right now. Remember, Layla Jae is due on the 28th of this month.