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A blog (web log) is a very fun and easy way to connect your family. The first thing everyone always asks me about our family site is, “How much do you pay for that?” I respond, “I can show you how to start one for FREE…if you want?” I’ve been asked this question so many times now, I’ve decided to put the instructions online.

Ha Ha…there really are no instructions. Just follow the link to and fill in the blanks.

Click Here To Start Your FREE Blog!

For all you lazy computer illiterate people out there, I’m going to prove it’s easy. There are screen shots of the whole process below. Only two screens! (and you have to check your email for the password)


Create Your Account

Create Your Blog


I will also be posting family blogging tips regularly.  Check out the “Family Blogging Tips” category of the Slife Family Website.

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