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So, the thing about this whole new approach and writing more is that I actually have to have something to write about. Who wants to hear about what I do everyday I think my life is pretty fun and my girls keep me busy but will anyone else really care. Well for all my family and friends who come to the site to see the girls feel free to go directly to the pictures, I will never know the difference and I wouldn’t be offended. Justin has been pushing me to write more since we started this site as a blog, my response was “who wants to hear about me and what we do everyday, its just normal Mommy stuff” well I was wrong. Over the last few months I have found many “Mommy blogs” and I am addicted. Its an amazing world when you can sit down at the end of the day and connect with moms who are going through the same thing as you, sometimes at the same time. Even though you don’t know them personally it is easy to connect and get advice without ever having to offend them if you don’t agree. Our Moms had the phone and we have the computer!

2 thoughts on “Mommy Blogs

  1. I love hearing what you guys are up makes my day. Thanks for the Christmas card–I love it….Will send out package on Saturday. Love you guys

  2. I love hearing what you guys are up to, it makes my day too, it’s comforting! I can’t wait to send the girls their presents! I love you guys,
    Rae Rae

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