3 Girls and a Cool Daddy Plus 1!!!

So I know I have neglected this site for awhile……  okay that might be an understatement.  But it has been a pretty busy year!!!  Shortly after the last post which was over a year ago we found out we were having another baby!!!  And after the initial shock, came the feeling of a living on a boat for many months, and then finding out we were having a BOY (another shock)!!!  It was exciting knowing there would be a little boy in our house full of pink and princesses.  And then came the naming of a boy, which is a much harder task then naming a girl.  For those of you that know us you know the girls names are songs, but there are not too many great boy song names.  We were stumped for awhile and then one night standing at the kitchen sink, Justin said I think it should be a family name.  I had tried this is in the past and he was not on board so I was thrilled. And it gives us joy everyday to see our beautiful little boy and we hope he can carry the tradition of his Grandfather and Great Grandfather, who he is named after.  So for his first formal blog post we introduce our little boy!



Jay Robert born December 31, 2010


Jay Robert 4 1/2 months

What a sweet little boy he is, he loves to smile and laugh at his big sisters who love him and love to entertain him.  He has already brought us so much joy and keeps us laughing.  Layla and I often wonder what we did during the day before he came.  The girls have taken on the big sister role so well. They are getting ready for a busy summer!


Layla 4 years old


Layla turned 4 in March and will be starting school in September, and everyday looks more and more like me and as her father says acts like me as well.  Its that red hair!!!  She is so excited to go to Summer School with Maggie this year, she may be a little disappointed that she can’t wear a Princess Dress there every time!


Maggie's 1st Place at Level 3 State Meet

And then there’s Maggie who is going to be 6 in 2 short weeks!  How did this happen?  She continues to be such a sweet girl who loves school and enjoys reading to us, I still can’t believe my baby is reading!

Now our little site is up to date, hopefully we can get to back blogging on a regular basis!

Our blog needs a new title… we are no longer just 3 girls and a cool daddy!



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It was a busy week around here getting ready for
Santa. We started out our week with lots of snow of course which made some things a little hard but gave us a beautiful White Christmas. The snow didn’t stop our Mom’s and Tots group from a great Christmas party and my girls had to dress for the occasion. Maggie got a new pair of boots but knew that if she wore them out in the snow she would not be allowed to wear them at the party. She proceeded to put her snow boots on and carried her “fancy” boots. Layla was a little upset that Maggie had a dress and she didn’t so her dress was a little big but still looked adorable.  I know we are in trouble if we are this picky with our clothes at this young age.  The teenage years should be fun.

Christmas Eve was busy with Santa preparations Maggie and I spent the day making cookies and our Gingerbread house. Which thanks to Justin is still standing. Then it was time for our new Jammy’s and going to bed to wait for Santa. It was hard to go to sleep which made it a late night for Mom and Dad.

Christmas Day was so much fun watching the girls faces when they came down the stairs was priceless. We unfortunately did not get to make the trip to Justin’s grandparents because he came down the stomach bug. It ended up okay, we spent the day in our Jammy’s and enjoyed our new toys.

Today we are going down to Grandma and Grandpa’s to continue Christmas.

Happy New Year everyone, have a safe holiday.


Today is Justin’s 30th Birthday! Life has been a little crazy so unfortunately we are not doing anything special, just hanging out at home and trying to unpack still. Maggie is excited to help make a cake, I have to still find our mixer it is packed in a box somewhere so this one make take longer than usual. We went to see Fireworks last night which both the girls really enjoyed, Layla was so tired but refused to sit back and rest. Every time one went off she had to sit up and point to it at first it was a little loud but they both got used to it.

Sorry we haven’t written much since moving in Father’s Day weekend we have been away twice. Justin and I went to Philadelphia for work, we were there for 5 days and the girls stayed here with Grandma and Grandpa Slife. We had a great trip and got to see Olympic Trials for Gymnastics which was a lot of fun. We spent the last 3 days in the Wisconsin Dells with the Slife’s. Which for those of you that don’t know the Dells is the Waterpark Capital. We actually did not venture to any of the waterparks but we did other fun things with the girls. I will post pictures as soon as I can, hopefully Grandma and Grandpa will share their pictures because they took lots more than we did.

Pictures Coming Soon!


Can you believe in a just a few hours Maggie will be 3!!!

I’m first going to write a little bit about our wonderful 3 year old who amazes us every day. Looking at this picture I can’t believe how grown up she looks. This has been such a busy year and it has flown by, but in the midst of all the craziness Maggie reminds us to slow down and enjoy all life’s little moments. I have to say the “Terrible 2’s” were not so terrible. She is so lovable, outgoing and so incredibly smart. I know that is what all parents say but there are many times I look at Maggie and wonder why she knows the things she does. And many times when I’m trying to reason with her, and then I realize I’m trying to reason with a toddler. Crazy I know, but sometimes you forget when you hear her talk.

Okay now onto the Birthday celebration. Today we had planned Maggie’s Birthday party with our playgroup. It was to be at the park near our house, but WI weather did not cooperate. My friend Luanne opened up her house to have it there, I can’t thank her enough and am so amazed at how generous the friends I have her are. I truly don’t know what I would do without them. We had a great time, had a Princess Cake and she got to ride her brand new bike. Not only was Maggie was excited about the bike but I think it meant even more that Daddy got to bring it. Yumi came to help us out and did more for us than we could have even imagined. Not only did Yumi come to the party and help with everything, but Adam stayed home with Layla, who is running a fever, so Daddy could come to the party. We are not sure what we would do without them.

So far Maggie’s Birthday is off to a great start and can you believe that 3 years ago at this time we were in the hospital waiting to find if whether we were having a Boy or a Girl. I knew life would never be the same at that time, but I could not have never believed it would be this wonderful and Maggie would be so amazing. We have to be the luckiest parents!


Baby Steps!!

So Layla has finally decided to give this walking thing a try, and although she hasn’t given up crawling just yet she takes more steps everyday. She has figured out how to get herself up and loves walking on carpet, the hardwood floors are not her favorite. She loves climbing the slides at the park and is really figuring out how to do it, so it should be a great summer for her.

Life here has been extremely crazy, we found out a few weeks ago that we were probably going to have to move in the next few months. And being as impatient as we are we decided to start looking right away. We were fortunate to find a new place pretty quick and we are very excited to move in. It will be a little further away from work and not so convenient to walk everywhere but the positive is it is much closer to friends and the house is beautiful with a large backyard and patio. This quick move has put our Birthday Party plans on hold once again, but I am confident that once we are settled we will have a great barbecue for both girls in our new backyard.

Not all Birthday plans are on hold Maggie will celebrate her 3rd Birthday on Friday at a park close to our house with her friends from playgroup. Today we went and picked out her Princess Plates (of course) she is very excited we will just have Pizza and cake at the park hopefully it will be nice out and then next week we will try and get packed up. We hope to move June 14th and 15th, not a great way to spend Father’s Day, but we can add that celebration to our forever postponed party. I will try to get some new pictures on soon!!

Easter Bunny!!!


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Well we took the girls to see the Easter Bunny on Tuesday and as you can see things did not go as planned. I was glad Justin was there and at least we got a family picture out of it. Layla loved the Bunny and the only reason she looks a little unhappy is because she  wanted to look at the bunny and touch him. Maggie on the other hand wanted nothing to do with him, it took us awhile to even get her out of the stroller and when she finally did it was to hide behind my legs. Finally she agreed to sit on Daddy’s lap.

We saw a white Easter Bunny last week at an Egg Hunt so after we left Maggie was very interested as to why the Bunny changed colors! We have another Egg Hunt this weekend so we’ll see what color we get this time!

Happy Valentines Day!!!


I hope everyone had a wonderful day- and what a surprise we got more snow.

We celebrated yesterday with our friends from our Mom and Tots Group, and for once I dressed the girls alike which as most of you know I normally don’t do, but they looked so cute.  Maggie loves her Pucker Up shirt and was very excited when Addyson had the same one on at the party.  We tried to get their picture but that did not happen, and as you can see taking a picture of our girls together did not go very well either.  I was the only one home and was afraid Layla was going to fall or jump off the couch. Layla does not sit still very well she is constantly on the move and talking more and more everyday.  She thinks she is actually talking but its just a whole lot of noise according to Maggie, the next word we are working on is Maggie, and she has a specific sound that she repeats every time she sees Maggie.  If she can hear Maggie but can’t see her she will point and start yelling until we take her to wherever Maggie is.