Audra & Layla Doing Fine

Maggie and I just got up. We gave Audra and Layla a call, they’re both doing fine. Audra has the same night nurses as last time so she is very comfortable. Overall, she says she feels much better than last time. Layla fed a few times over night so she is now on her regular feeding cycle.

Layla Jae Layla Jae Layla Jae

Maggie Mae Layla Jae

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3 thoughts on “Audra & Layla Doing Fine

  1. Congrats on your beautiful daughter now you have two.they both are so precious. I can’t wait until i see Layla and all of you. Thanks you Justin for the photo’s

  2. I love both Slife daughters!! I wonder if Layla will look like a Rachel clone like Maggie…how cool would that be!!! That would also be a little creepy…i hope we can get together soon….it is weird to not see you guys so much…i do not like it…lets get together soon…i hope!! LOVE YA GUYS!

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