On the Road


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We stayed in Eagle, CO last night in a Holiday Inn Express. They have internet access so I uploaded a bunch of pictures from the trip. Right now we are about 950 miles into our 2100 mile journey.

We are at 6600 ft right now and we have to go up to around 11,000 to get back down to Denver (mile high). We’ll be going slow until we get through the mountains…wish us luck.

We were going to try and push on last night, but the roads here are definitely for day driving (unless you know what your doing). There was a rock slide yesterday right were we are going to be. Luckily they got it cleared so we can get through.

Ben and I talked to a couple of guys at the bowling alley bar last night. They said it’s smooth sailing after Denver.

Leaving California

We have a little bit of packing left and then we’ll be hitting the road.  Our rental truck is a 22′ Penske.  It’s an International diesel with only 4500 miles on it.  Oh, it has a CD player!  We’ll see everyone in a few days…in Wisconsin.

Coming Home to Look for a House

Maggie and I will be flying to Wisconsin over the weekend to look for a home.  We have a couple of things to do during our trip.  I have a job interview at a great gym in the Milwaukee area, and we need to look for a place to live.

Since the gym I am applying at has 3 facilities, we really need to find out what is going on there first.  My work location will definitely affect our housing situation.  Right now, we are thinking of the Hartland area.  Hartland is about an hour north of Union Grove.  Looks like a great place.

Hopefully we will be able to find an actual house to rent (instead of an apartment).  We would like to get a 2 or 3 bedroom place with a basement.  We need the extra room for our business, Leotard Crazy.  If we have to rent an apartment, it will have to be a 3 bedroom.

Wish us luck.

Maggie is better / G-ma & G-pa Slife are here

Maggie is better…she still has a little cough, but that’s it.  She was getting very sad because she was not able to go near Baby Layla.  Maggie has, of course, been the center of attention with everyone that has come to visit.  Layla has second child syndrome (no attention).  Grandma and Grandpa Slife are here now, so I’m sure Maggie will keep herself in the spotlight.  Oh well, I guess she can be a brat for a few weeks.