Busy, Busy Summer!!!!!


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Sorry we have neglected to this site for so long. It has been a fun and busy summer. I added pictures today from our trip to New York, it was great to spend a week at home. We got to enjoy the ocean, well the girls didn’t really enjoy it but had fun playing in the sand. We got to see and spend time with all my siblings and the girls got to spend time with their cousins.

Last week was the WI State Fair, and the girls and Justin enjoyed all the fair food. Chocolate Covered Bacon was the big hit with Layla and Maggie enjoyed the Deep Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly. Only Maggie would ride the big slide with us, she loved it, but Layla thought it was a little too big.

Last week also marked the 70th Anniversary of the opening of the Wizard of Oz in Oconomowoc, so the town threw a big party. The girls had a good time as long as most of the characters didn’t get too close.

Hope you all enjoyed your summer as much as we did!! Can’t believe its almost over, Maggie starts school September 1st and we will be sure to share those pictures. She is already registered and took her school pictures last week.