Happy Easter!!


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I hope everyone had a Blessed Easter! We had a beautiful one here in Wisconsin, enjoyed lots of sunshine until we decided to clean out the basement. As we put everything in the backyard the dark clouds came in so now the basement is cleaner but the garage is full. Hopefully we can get more done this week.

The girls enjoyed all their goodies from the Easter Bunny and Maggie is now enjoying her Spring Break. Hopefully the beautiful weather continues and get to enjoy being outside!

Birthday Pictures!


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Every year I try and take the girls and do some special Birthday pictures, usually Layla is not very cooperative but this morning we went to park and took some great shots. Here is one of my favorites. She had to wear her new sunglasses from Grandma and Grandpa as well. It was a great morning we are enjoying some wonderful spring weather. Happy Easter!!!

Our Baby Turned 3!!! What??? How???

Happy Birthday Layla!  I am still in shock that you turned 3 yesterday and what an amazing 3 years it has been.  Our life has been pretty crazy from the beginning for you and I’m beginning to think that is what you love.  We moved right after you were born, and now you are a true Wisconsin girl.  Everyday you make us laugh with your contagious giggle and the looks that you give.  You come in every morning and give kisses to wake me up, you will never wake Daddy up first, I guess that is your way of staying on his good side.  He has trained you early, although you say its so he won’t tickle you.  Which you love!

This year has been so much fun for us, Maggie is in school we get to hang out in the mornings and you love having Mommy and Daddy all to yourself.  You love to go to Storytime, or on breakfast dates with Daddy.  Lately your favorite is doing puzzles, and getting outside now that its getting warm.  This winter you started out hating the snow but after going with Maggie a few times you had some fun and learned to love it.  You and Maggie have so much fun together you love to play with princesses, and outside together.  You love that you are in a big girl bed so you and Maggie can play at bedtime, and you take full advantage.  You love your princesses, especially Snow White and have fun playing with them and dressing up everyday.

Layla thank you for making us laugh everyday, you are an amazing little girl, hard to believe not a baby (but you’ll always be my baby).  Your Daddy and I love you so much and are so excited to watch you grow, and enjoy life and amazing friendships.

Busy, Busy Summer!!!!!


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Sorry we have neglected to this site for so long. It has been a fun and busy summer. I added pictures today from our trip to New York, it was great to spend a week at home. We got to enjoy the ocean, well the girls didn’t really enjoy it but had fun playing in the sand. We got to see and spend time with all my siblings and the girls got to spend time with their cousins.

Last week was the WI State Fair, and the girls and Justin enjoyed all the fair food. Chocolate Covered Bacon was the big hit with Layla and Maggie enjoyed the Deep Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly. Only Maggie would ride the big slide with us, she loved it, but Layla thought it was a little too big.

Last week also marked the 70th Anniversary of the opening of the Wizard of Oz in Oconomowoc, so the town threw a big party. The girls had a good time as long as most of the characters didn’t get too close.

Hope you all enjoyed your summer as much as we did!! Can’t believe its almost over, Maggie starts school September 1st and we will be sure to share those pictures. She is already registered and took her school pictures last week.

I Turn 4 Tomorrow!!!


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Tomorrow is Maggie’s 4th Birthday! I can’t believe it. Here are some pictures we took yesterday. Next week is her Tea Party so there will be more pictures to come and I promise to fill in Layla’s 2nd Birthday this weekend as well.

I can’t believe how big they are both getting!



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So my parent’s left today after a week long visit. It was awesome to have them here, and we are all missing them already. We had a lot of fun during their visit, a trip to Children’s Play Gallery where the girls both enjoyed a lot of time playing on stage. Layla was singing while Maggie was dancing, they did a lot of showing off during this week. Maggie and Layla enjoyed baking cookies with Grandpa, who still makes the best cookies. Maggie received a new doll, “Kit” who has an adorable bob haircut. I had been trying to talk Maggie into cutting her hair, I was not thinking this short but I love it and the doll did made her want to do it. She couldn’t wait to cut her hair just like her doll and brought the doll with her and told the hairstylist, “I want my hair cut like this and lifted up the doll” it was a great moment I wish I had it on video.

Well I think I’ve rambled enough about this week!

Auntie Beth Left Today :(


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We had a great visit with Beth and were sad to see her go. I’m so glad she was here for the girls first Ice Skating. Oh and what a blast that was, we had no intention of taking Layla on the ice at first, but they had skates that fit her, so we tried it out. She did enjoy it at times, but not as much as Maggie. Maggie did not skate on her own yet but did very well with someone holding her hands. There were no falls or tears which always makes it better. She is already wanting to go back again.

Valentine’s Day was like Christmas all over again. Beth made presents for both Justin and I with the girls. Maggie brought them into our room 1st thing in the morning. Daddy added to the day by surprising all of us with flowers, Maggie and Layla have theirs with Beth’s in their room and every night, Maggie asks if her flowers are beautiful. And Layla smells her flowers every time we change her diaper. These girls love their flowers already.

I also posted some pictures from January, Open House at the gym, and of course there is Maggie’s 1st Chicken wing. Justin had the camera and he took a ton of pictures, but I had to post all of them because it was so funny.

Disney On Ice


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This weekend was a busy one!! Saturday the girls and I went to see Disney On Ice with Linda, Heidi and Andrew. It was a blast!! I would go over and over to watch their reaction, Maggie couldn’t wait to see the Princesses of course and was not disappointed. Beauty and the Beast was her favorite, Layla loves Mickey Mouse or MiMo as she calls him. Every time he came out she would say it and kept waving and pointing throughout the show.

Sunday we played at Open House at the gym and then were lucky enough to have beautiful weather here so we took advantage and had a picnic. I will say it was not my idea and thought Justin was a little crazy but the girls and Andrew enjoyed and of course the Ice Cream at the end was the big hit.

Auntie Beth comes in on Wednesday and Maggie has been counting down the days. I will post more pictures from Super Bowl (Maggie’s first Chicken Wing) and Open House tonight.