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So I know I have not been here to update pictures lately, things have been busy. We just finished our competitive season and the team Justin and I coach took 3rd Place at the WI State Meet. We are so proud of them they worked hard all year and deserved it. And now it is now holiday time.

Thanksgiving Weekend we went to cut down our own tree, we found a great place to do it. Not much walking and the girls had a blast, well at least Maggie did. Layla wasn’t too sure about it all but they were both awesome. So our tree is up and Maggie loves to look at it and tells me all the time how beautiful it is.

WI winter has started already and is not slowing down, up until today we have had snow everyday in December. We have only been out a few times to play and first Layla did not like it. After a few rides on the sled and then having Mommy sit in it with her we were better. She even attempted to lie down for a few minutes and enjoyed watching Maggie make a snow angel.

Yesterday we started Maggie’s letter to Santa, it was so much fun to hear the things she was asking for, but the best part is how she wrote her own name. Of course it is backwards but all the letters are there and legible. I can’t believe how big she is, its crazy how fast it goes. I will have more to post as the holiday’s get closer.


  1. THat is so cool you got to pick out your Christmas tree like that, we’ve had a fake one for 15 years hahaha had it longer than I’ve been alive haha!
    So cute about Maggies’ Santa Letter. She is growing up so fast!

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