Disney On Ice


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This weekend was a busy one!! Saturday the girls and I went to see Disney On Ice with Linda, Heidi and Andrew. It was a blast!! I would go over and over to watch their reaction, Maggie couldn’t wait to see the Princesses of course and was not disappointed. Beauty and the Beast was her favorite, Layla loves Mickey Mouse or MiMo as she calls him. Every time he came out she would say it and kept waving and pointing throughout the show.

Sunday we played at Open House at the gym and then were lucky enough to have beautiful weather here so we took advantage and had a picnic. I will say it was not my idea and thought Justin was a little crazy but the girls and Andrew enjoyed and of course the Ice Cream at the end was the big hit.

Auntie Beth comes in on Wednesday and Maggie has been counting down the days. I will post more pictures from Super Bowl (Maggie’s first Chicken Wing) and Open House tonight.