Halloween Parts 1 & 2


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So Halloween may not be until next week but the festivities have already begun. Actually in our town Trick or Treating was this past Saturday but we went to a party and are going to Trick or Treat somewhere else on Friday. We had a party with friends on Saturday night and made scarecrows and the girls had a blast. Well Maggie did, Layla was having a hard time sharing. The pictures came out great though. We also had a costume party at the gym, and with our playgroup today. The girls have been really enjoying dressing up now we have nothing till the real thing. So I’m sure we’ll have more pictures. Maggie did not want a new costume this year which made us very happy. We thought she would want to be a Princess, but we were wrong the Love Bug is much cuter and warmer.

One thought on “Halloween Parts 1 & 2

  1. I love the costumes! The girls are super cute as always 🙂
    Did Justin have something to do with the chicago bears cheerleader costume? haha
    Looks like the scarecrow making was fun! I love Maggies leopard print jacket it’s adorable!
    Give me a call when you have the time!
    Miss and love you all,
    Rae Rae

    p.s. I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures!

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