Introducing “Layla Jae Slife”

Layla Jae was born on March 28th at 1:09 pm. She is 8 lbs. 2 oz. and healthy. Mom is doing well. Here is a picture. I’ll put some more up in a little bit. She is actually laying down with her head towards me in this pic. I flipped it around so it looks funny.

Layla Jae Slife

(Click on the picture for a full size shot)

6 thoughts on “Introducing “Layla Jae Slife”

  1. Justin, awesome pictures…Oh about the cuteness…Get some rest and I will see you and Maggie in the morning. Amy arrived safe and sound, ready to give a helping hand…

  2. congrats once again you two have made a beautiful baby. can not wait to see all of you.. love mary

  3. How cute. Another perfect angel to add to the family! Congrtas Audra, Justin and Maggie!!! Can’t wait to see you!! Love ya- Lori and Family

  4. Layla is so cute! i was so excited we could were able to see Audra and Layla in the hospital…she is so cute and smells good…i know i have this weird thing with smelling babies!! Oh well!! i hope to see you guys soon! I miss you guys already!!! 🙁

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