Just Hanging Out!

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I know we have been slacking with getting new pictures on, must be that 2nd child syndrome. We will try to add more this week.

Layla is doing really well- as shown in the picture sleeping is still her favorite thing to do. Grandma Slife went home on Saturday and Maggie is still asking for her everyday. I think it is a bit confusing since Grandpa is still here. They have been such a huge help and I know Maggie loves having them here.

One thought on “Just Hanging Out!

  1. Those are all adorable pictures of both the firls! I think that the one of Layla hanging out it hilarious! I am sure she gets the cuteness from Audra…sorry Justin 🙁 LOL!!! JK!!! I hope you guys are all doing well! Love ya!

    Rae Rae

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