Layla-6 Days Old

Layla-6 Days Old

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I’m trying to stay on top of taking new pictures. Yesterday was a little crazy. Layla had her 1st Doctors Appt. Everything looks great, she has gained back 4 oz. since leaving the hospital. Hopefully she will keep going this way and not take after her sister.

Maggie adores her “Baby Layla” and is having a hard time not being able to go near her today, hopefully that fever will be gone by tomorrow. Aunt Amy goes home tomorrow and Maggie we definitely miss her- so will Mom & Dad, her and Beth have been amazing and made the transition home great!

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  1. I am very glad that Maggie loves Layla and you guys are doing well. I wish Magz was not sick..poor baby…I guess she is not the baby anymore. Both girls are beautiful! I love them both! 🙂 I hope you guys are getting sleep and Princess Maggie is feeling better soon!

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