Leaving California

We have a little bit of packing left and then we’ll be hitting the road.  Our rental truck is a 22′ Penske.  It’s an International diesel with only 4500 miles on it.  Oh, it has a CD player!  We’ll see everyone in a few days…in Wisconsin.

2 thoughts on “Leaving California

  1. I hope all goes well on the ride up there. I also hope Ben and your Dad can drive most of the time since your neck hurts really bad and your wrist is all banged up too. I can’t wait until I can come and visit. I miss you so much. I hope you loved my letter. Good Luck and the people at Midwest Twisters are some very lucky people.

  2. Hi Justin

    Was looking thru some very old emails and found this one. Henry has been trying to found your address for some time now. Just to say hi. Well he’s in highschool now and yes still in gym and get this level 8 this year. was out for abit with a pulled lower back muscle. His first meet is this weekend in Orlando at Disney’s sports park. He would really love to hear from you. Please tell Audra i say hi .

    Adrienne Wrightman

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