Maggie & Layla

Maggie & Layla

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Here are some Easter Pictures. Maggie really loves kissing her baby sister.

We colored eggs on Saturday night and as you can see Maggie didn’t make a mess at all. Her hands seem to be a little pink still.

Our Egg Hunt was a big hit, we had a hard time stopping that to check out her basket.

There are still more pictures from Dinner at Auntie Beth’s but we will have to put those on later.

Hope everyone had a great Easter- Enjoy the pictures!

5 thoughts on “Maggie & Layla

  1. That is so adorable!! Maggie looks so cute in her Easter atire!! i love her SSSSOOO much!! looks like the Slife Sisters love each other A LOT!!! I am glad Maggie hasn’t decided “Baby all doNE!” She is such a sweetheart she will lover her sis forever and ever! i bet she had a ton of fun with the egg hunt!!!
    have fun!!

  2. thanks for this web site we do not feel so far away. looks like the easter bunny was good to maggie. aud you two do make beautiful little girls love the one of them on backs maggie kissing layla. talk to you soon love and miss you…mary

  3. I bet Maggie loved the Easter Egg Hunt!! Those are always super fun! CANDY! I can imagine how hyper and crazy Magz was after the candy…probably like her Father!! JK LOL!

  4. This is adorable pic. It looks like Maggie had a good time on Easter. Looks like she had her Easter basket full. I enjoyed all the Easter Pic’s. I’m sure Linda & Jay are enjoying there grandchildren. It’s raining here today.
    I hope you are doing ok Audra.
    Yes Justin we all like candy. Take care every body.

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