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It was a busy week around here getting ready for
Santa. We started out our week with lots of snow of course which made some things a little hard but gave us a beautiful White Christmas. The snow didn’t stop our Mom’s and Tots group from a great Christmas party and my girls had to dress for the occasion. Maggie got a new pair of boots but knew that if she wore them out in the snow she would not be allowed to wear them at the party. She proceeded to put her snow boots on and carried her “fancy” boots. Layla was a little upset that Maggie had a dress and she didn’t so her dress was a little big but still looked adorable.  I know we are in trouble if we are this picky with our clothes at this young age.  The teenage years should be fun.

Christmas Eve was busy with Santa preparations Maggie and I spent the day making cookies and our Gingerbread house. Which thanks to Justin is still standing. Then it was time for our new Jammy’s and going to bed to wait for Santa. It was hard to go to sleep which made it a late night for Mom and Dad.

Christmas Day was so much fun watching the girls faces when they came down the stairs was priceless. We unfortunately did not get to make the trip to Justin’s grandparents because he came down the stomach bug. It ended up okay, we spent the day in our Jammy’s and enjoyed our new toys.

Today we are going down to Grandma and Grandpa’s to continue Christmas.

Happy New Year everyone, have a safe holiday.

One thought on “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  1. I am glad you guys had such a great Christmas! I saw the Mountain Dew and the Milk Duds in the background of one of the pics, some things never change 😉
    Maggie and Layla are so tall now! I can not believe it! I can remember when Maggie was so tiny her legs didn’t even reach over the edge of our beach chairs!
    It’s crazy how fast they grow up, wow I sound like my relatives talking about me haha I’m a big girl now I’m 5 feet 4 inches 😉

    love and miss you guys!
    big sqweezy weezies!
    Rae Rae

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