Our Baby Turned 3!!! What??? How???

Happy Birthday Layla!  I am still in shock that you turned 3 yesterday and what an amazing 3 years it has been.  Our life has been pretty crazy from the beginning for you and I’m beginning to think that is what you love.  We moved right after you were born, and now you are a true Wisconsin girl.  Everyday you make us laugh with your contagious giggle and the looks that you give.  You come in every morning and give kisses to wake me up, you will never wake Daddy up first, I guess that is your way of staying on his good side.  He has trained you early, although you say its so he won’t tickle you.  Which you love!

This year has been so much fun for us, Maggie is in school we get to hang out in the mornings and you love having Mommy and Daddy all to yourself.  You love to go to Storytime, or on breakfast dates with Daddy.  Lately your favorite is doing puzzles, and getting outside now that its getting warm.  This winter you started out hating the snow but after going with Maggie a few times you had some fun and learned to love it.  You and Maggie have so much fun together you love to play with princesses, and outside together.  You love that you are in a big girl bed so you and Maggie can play at bedtime, and you take full advantage.  You love your princesses, especially Snow White and have fun playing with them and dressing up everyday.

Layla thank you for making us laugh everyday, you are an amazing little girl, hard to believe not a baby (but you’ll always be my baby).  Your Daddy and I love you so much and are so excited to watch you grow, and enjoy life and amazing friendships.

One thought on “Our Baby Turned 3!!! What??? How???

  1. They grow to fast… I know!!!
    Could someone tell them to stop time, just for a few days, so the parents could enjoy it a little bit more???

    (PS: today, because of the blogger break down, I was looking on the internet for different blogs to read (ones that are not “.blogspot”). And I saw yours at the Technoraty as “blog of the day” and LOVE the description: 3 girls and 1 cool daddy. Because our blog is almost the same (but a little bit different: “a family of 3 on Earth and 1 in Heaven”)…
    And here I am!!!
    I love your space, the pics (gorgeous), the little girls (congrats for their birthdays), everything! )

    Kisses and blessings.
    from Brazil

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