Playing Together


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Here are some new pictures of the girls just hanging out at home. Maggie was showing Layla all the shapes.

We have not been doing much this week, Saturday I took the girls shopping. Maggie finally got some warmer clothes that fit her. The new stroller has made it much easier to do these things. We are getting ready for Halloween we have lots of fun things to dress up for. Layla still needs a costume and you will have to wait to see pictures for Maggie’s. She loves it and asks to wear it everyday. Trick or treating will be a lot of fun this year.

2 thoughts on “Playing Together

  1. Snuggly!!! They are so cute and adorable! That’s kinda the same thing but oh well, they are!! They look like they are having a lot of fun in Wisconsin. Hopefully you guys can come visit us in Cali during desert season! You guys would love it! This year I am Cinderella! I can’t wait to see pictures of the girls again! Call me please, I really miss you.

    Rae Rae

  2. Thanks for stopping by my little blog. Your girls are beautiful, I can’t help but smile at the pictures, they could be snapshots of my family here in Texas! You should take your husband’s advice and start updating more on your blog – I personally can say that I LOVE to read other “mommy” blogs. It helps me so much just to get a grip. Sometimes it can just feel like I’m the only one feeling this way or that way and so it’s wonderful to connect with other moms, no matter where, and know that nope! I’m not alone. Good luck to you on your new adventure in WI. Stay warm and I’ll definitely be checking back…

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