Preschool Already!

I can’t believe it we are already looking into Preschool’s for Maggie. Yesterday we went on a tour of a great school right here in Hartland, Wee Know School. It was an awesome school and Maggie had a blast, I think she would have been fine if we just left her there for the whole morning. We will hopefully be able to get her in for next September, registration is next month and guess there classes fill up fast. The school itself is in an old schoolhouse with a gym for those days when the kids can’t go outside. The gym is filled with bikes, swings a playhouse, a stage and so much for the kids to do. Their outside area is 8 acres with everything from walking trails to a small sledding hill. I want to go back to Preschool sounds like a lot more fun than work.

4 thoughts on “Preschool Already!

  1. wow, I can’t believe Maggie is starting pre-school already…she is growing up so fast! I miss you guys so much, I can’t wait to see you guys.
    I love you guysso much!!! call me so we can talk!!
    Rae Rae

  2. September is a while away but it is crazy to think Miss Maggie Mae, my little baby sister, will be starting pre-schoo. (Not technically by baby sis but she’s like my sister, well, you guys know what I mean)
    I love you guys and I miss you sooo much,
    Rae Rae

  3. That pre-school looks really nice! Those coaches are so lucky that they get to coach such a great girls like Maggie!
    Love you,
    Rae Rae

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