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Here are a couple of new pictures of the girls!

Justin and Maggie are off to Wisconsin, I just dropped them off at the airport. It should be a great weekend with Grandma & Grandpa, Maggie was very excited to go on the airplane. Justin will be busy with the job interview and house hunting- wish us luck. Layla and I will be home trying to start packing- and we will miss Daddy and Maggie. The house already seems very quiet!

2 thoughts on “Sisters!!!

  1. This is a cute pic.I’m sure Maggie was excited. was this her first time.? even i get exicted. It’s amazing how thoes huge planes get up off the ground. Yes i know you miss Maggie and Justin very much. Take care of your self and Layla. Thank you for the pic’s. I do wish you kids luck.
    Love, Fran

  2. Maggie and Layla are so cute!! I love how Maggie likes to kiss Layla!!! Love ya guys!

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