Trying to figure out how this works!

Anyone who looked earlier I guess the pictures were TOO BIG. I’m not sure how to shrink them so I will have Justin fix them tonight and show me how to do it. I promise there will be pictures on tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Trying to figure out how this works!

  1. Hi Audra,

    The trick with the pictures is to add a 20px x 20px thumbnail with the same name as the wallpaper in the ‘wallpapers/thumbnails’ directory. If you do that then when the page loads it will load one full wallpaper for the current wallpaper and just the thumbnails for the rest. This should speed up your loading times.

    Currently you front page weighs in at 416KB, of which 355KB is coming from slife2.jpg. Creating a thumbnail for slife2.jpg should bring you down under 100KB.

  2. Thanks Tom. I’ll see if I can get it fixed up over this weekend. I was really wondering what we were doing wrong. This theme is awesome…our family loves it!

  3. I am glad Justin that you guys all got to WI. safe . That was quit a journey. Now you got to get AUDRA AND THE LITTLE DAUGHTERS hOME WITH YOU. tHEN YOU CAN MOVE ON WITH YOU LIVES. AND PLAN YOUR fUture. Good luck Justin and good health to all. Fran.

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