A Day at the Beach


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Finally- I have added some new pictures. These are just a few from Beth’s visit, there are still a few more days of her visit, so I’m sure there will be more. Our summer has been flying by, lots of work but some time for fun as well. We have had an amazing visit with Beth and can’t believe its almost over.

Maggie got to have some time with friends today when we had them over for a Pinkalicious party. This is Maggie’s new favorite book, so she had to have pink cupcakes and of course Beth had a craft planned. It was great to see friends and have some time to just hang out. We also love that we have a house and yard that we can have friends over. Those pictures will come in the next few days.

4 thoughts on “A Day at the Beach

  1. that is so cool you were able to go to WI Auntie Beth! Looks like you had so much fun! I am jealous! Has Maggie read purplelicious??? Give me a call soon! I miss you guy A LOT!
    love ya
    Rae Rae

  2. Wow, your girls have grown up so much! I miss you guys like crazy, and I hope everything is going well out there! I saw the pics of Maggie in gymnastics, and I about died. She has grown so much since I last saw her 2 years ago. Layla is so big too! You two have beautiful girls! I just wanted to say hi and that I miss you dearly! Email me so I can have some form of communication with you guys! [email protected] is where you can reach me!
    miss you lots
    Danica Scales

  3. I just had to come onto here to look at pictures because I was having a bit of withdrawl. I miss you guys so much already 🙁 I love you, and i’ll talk to you soon <3

  4. Hi guys haven’t talk to you and just wanted to say I miss you guys and I love you. Call me when you can. Love ya

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