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Sorry it has been so long but this summer flew by. I thought things would slow down once September hit but it hasn’t yet. The girls and work keep us very busy.

I have posted lots of pictures from summer visits from Aunt Beth and Aunt Liesie. We were lucky enough to have both of them come for 2 weeks. We had such a great time and miss them everyday. Maggie asks all the time when they will be coming back. We look forward to when they come stay again.

One thought on “END OF SUMMER!

  1. I wish I could have come an seen you guys! It looks like you had a lot of fun with everyone this summer! The girls are so adorable! the fair reminds me of the fair here in CA that we would do the demos at 🙂 Give me a call! I miss you a lot!
    Big Sqweezy weezies to all,
    Rae Rae 🙂

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