Baby Steps!!

So Layla has finally decided to give this walking thing a try, and although she hasn’t given up crawling just yet she takes more steps everyday. She has figured out how to get herself up and loves walking on carpet, the hardwood floors are not her favorite. She loves climbing the slides at the park and is really figuring out how to do it, so it should be a great summer for her.

Life here has been extremely crazy, we found out a few weeks ago that we were probably going to have to move in the next few months. And being as impatient as we are we decided to start looking right away. We were fortunate to find a new place pretty quick and we are very excited to move in. It will be a little further away from work and not so convenient to walk everywhere but the positive is it is much closer to friends and the house is beautiful with a large backyard and patio. This quick move has put our Birthday Party plans on hold once again, but I am confident that once we are settled we will have a great barbecue for both girls in our new backyard.

Not all Birthday plans are on hold Maggie will celebrate her 3rd Birthday on Friday at a park close to our house with her friends from playgroup. Today we went and picked out her Princess Plates (of course) she is very excited we will just have Pizza and cake at the park hopefully it will be nice out and then next week we will try and get packed up. We hope to move June 14th and 15th, not a great way to spend Father’s Day, but we can add that celebration to our forever postponed party. I will try to get some new pictures on soon!!

One thought on “Baby Steps!!

  1. I am glad you found a nice house quickly…the backyard sounds perfect for such an active family like you guys! I can’t wait to come see you guys! HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY MAGGIE!

    love you guys bunches and big sqweezie weezies to all,
    Rae Rae 🙂

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