Finally- A Picture Together!!


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Thanks to Yumi who helped us finally get a picture of both girls smiling. Layla is showing off her dancing skills and Maggie was gathering grass to throw in Layla’s hair. I have added some pictures from our last few trips to the park. We have had some beautiful weather lately and we have been taking full advantage, lots of park days and walks. Layla has been navigating the stairs at the park, still hasn’t decided to walk on her own yet, but she wants to. She will walk everywhere holding hands and gets mad when you let go. And she is trying to talk so much, every now and then you can make out a few words but she doesn’t repeat them.

Maggie is growing up so fast and still talks non stop, but now asks lots of questions and loves to learn new things. We are very excited for this summer, Maggie keeps asking when we can go to the beach it is very hard to explain that it is warm out but now warm enough for the beach. Soon enough we hope!!

2 thoughts on “Finally- A Picture Together!!

  1. The girls look like they are having a lot of fun at the park enjoying the weather! The girls are geting so big, I can’t wait until I can see them and spend time with them! They are getting so big, they are growing into beautiful young girls! Can’t wait to talk to you guys soon!

    Happy early Mothers Day to you Audra! You have done a great job with the girls, and you have always been like another Mom to me too! I really appreciate everything you have done for me! Love you!

    Big sqweezie weezies to all,
    Rae Rae

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