2 thoughts on “Bye Hula Girl!!

  1. Saying goodbye to Hula Girl made it so real that you were really moving. I am so happy for you guys but so sad that I will not be able to just call and say that I am on the way…Maggie is my shopping partner…we love shopping for shoes…toys aren’t that important. I am taking in every moment that I have and trying not cry everytime Maggie asks me to read and rock her before bed. I truly love those moments….Well I am planning my July visit before my school year begins.

  2. Maggie is going to miss a lot of things . But she will soon ajust to her new home. and make new friends. She is
    going to miss her Aunt Beth. I wish you all the best of luck. in your new home and new town. Justin will see a lock of his friends in WI. Take care of your self Audra and thoes precious little girls. Fran.

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