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We spent Sunday at Disneyland and Maggie had a great time. She loved the Princesses and of course was the center of attention during the Corenation!! She had all the performers laughing with her beautiful dancing. Maggie was excited for the rides not for the Characters! There are lots more pictures that I will add tomorrow. And Layla slept most of the day, resting up for her rough day today. She had her checkup today, and she got 6 shots so we are hoping tonight won’t be too tough. She has already gained almost 4lbs in just 2 months. She does not miss any meals.

2 thoughts on “Disneyland!!!

  1. Maggie had such a great time at Disneyland. Auntie Beth loved every moment. The best was dancing with the princess and visiting with the characters. We also loved riding the rides and Auntie Beth couldn’t help but buying a few treasures for my girls. We all had a great day and I will treasure every moment that I was able to share with my stinger bug….and chunky monkey….love ya Auntie Beth

  2. It sounds like she had a lot of fun with Auntie Beth and Mommy. It’s Disneyland…how could she not? I heard she had a lot of fun with the princesses and she gave them a laugh too!!! It sounds like something she will remember and treasure forever!
    Love ya guys

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