Enjoying Watermelon!


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Thought we would share a few more pictures from Maggies Birthday. She really enjoyed her Watermelon, the white dress will never be the same.

There are also some pictures from a park near our house- as the kids call it “Castle Park” it is really called FT Cushing, Maggie loved it and has been asking everyday to go see the Castle.

I had some problems organizing these pictures into the correct set, so if you go to the Ft Cushing Set you will see all the new ones, I believe they are also under the Birthday Set.

4 thoughts on “Enjoying Watermelon!

  1. What an amazing park…My gosh she is turning into such a little girl…she is losing her baby face and looks so big. I guess watermelon is her new favorite fruit. Love ya

  2. I have to agree with Beth she’s changing so much! She’s growing up! Thanks for updating so often I really love getting to see what miss maggie is up to! Layla sure is cute too! I’ll see you next week can’t wait!! love you Amy

  3. I love looking at all the pictures, it is nice to see the girls growing up when I am here and you guys are there. Those girls are so cute! That park looks like a lot of fun. I see why the kids call it Castle Park. I hope you guys are doing well. I love you.

  4. I can’t believe how fast the girls are growing up. I wish I was there to see them. Thanks for the picture frame with all the pictures in it, it is so cool. I love it! I hung it up in my room!! I miss you guys so much, it’s so hard to be doing something at gym and normally when I would want to show Justin or Audra you aren’t there. Normally when Maggie would have her class I would go say hi and now I can’t do that. It is really hard. I miss you guys so much and I love you guys too. Love you,
    Rae Rae

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