Hanging Out In My New House!


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As you can see Layla has adjusted very well! I have added a few new pictures of the house, just the inside I will try to get some pictures of Maggie playing outside today. You can see in the pictures the new floors, of course we are not totally moved in but I know people were wanted to see the difference the floors made.

2 thoughts on “Hanging Out In My New House!

  1. Thank You Thank You….I love the pictures. Justin the house looks amazing…so big and spacious must feel good. Layla is so cute….she has adjusted to her new home. Can’t wait to see Maggie….miss you guys. Love ya Bethie

  2. Wow, the floors look GREAT”Bamboo” and it makes a huge difference, it looks like a nice house…i hope you love it, i am sure you do. Layla is so cute and adorable. I can’t wait to see pics of Maggie and you two. I miss you so much. Call me please. Love you,

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