We’re Back!!

Well we got our internet hooked up today, so we are back online. Moving has been very busy, but going really well. The house needed lots of work- Thanks to Linda & Jay for all their help with cleaning and moving. We are very happy in our new house, Maggie has been doing pretty well with the adjustment. Bedtime has been a struggle but will get easier with time. We will try to get some new pictures tonight of the house (which still needs work) but is a great improvement from where it started.

3 thoughts on “We’re Back!!

  1. I am so glad to see that you will be able to start posting some pictures. I am missing you guys a whole bunch and need to see the amazing changes to the house. Audra I will call you tomorrow to talk about Maggies birthday stuff. I can’t believe she is turning two–hopefully not the terrible two…love you guys Auntie

  2. I am so glad you guys arrived okay and the flight was good. I am glad the house is nice, I know everyone worked really hard. “Sanjaya” really wanted it to look good for you guys!! HAHA…Audra, if you’re wondering about “Sanjaya” , ask Justin…I am glad Maggie is doing okay. Does she like the urse I gave her? Tell her to call anytime. You can call anytime too! Please do, I need to hear your voice! I miss you so much. CALL ME!!!
    Love you guys,

  3. Well if Auntie Beth and Rach chimed in – I guess I better too! It was sad seeing the Lil Hoppers class last night and you guys not in it! Hey-if you can’t find Mag’s Pajama Time book that’s because it was under the seat in my car. We will send it with her b-day gift. Rach was happy to get a message from you! Take care and good luck at work Justin.

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