Maggie & Layla

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Halloween is finally over we started celebrating last Thursday, and I took this picture that night before the Hartland Business Trick or Treat. It was the only one I could even get them in together. On Friday we went to Midwest Twisters for a Halloween Carnival. I have a couple of pictures from there but it was hard to take them with it being so dark.

We really celebrated Halloween on Saturday, we walked in the Oconomowoc Parade with friends from Mom and Tots and then went to Luanne’s and Lucie’s to do some Trick or Treating. What a chore that was, Maggie was the slowest walker ever, but it was fun. We decided not to venture out tonight for Hartland’s Trick or Treat time. Maggie has a cold and seemed more excited about people coming to our house and giving them candy, unfortunately not many people came though. I think if I tried to put Layla in the Bumble Bee again she would have thrown a huge fit. Maggie did answer the door in her Lady Bug.

I have added some other fun pictures from the last few weeks. Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

5 thoughts on “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

  1. They look so cute! We had 100+ Trick-or-Treaters by 7:30 and had to turn the lights out because we ran out of candy. Thanks for all the great photos.

    Love, Aunt Debbie

  2. They are so cute! I love your costume too Audra!! They look like they had fun! Natalie was a lady bug too! haha…I hope you guys have been having fun, how is everything going? We had 11 trick-or-treaters at my house. The pictures are great! Thanks for posting!
    Sqweezie weezies and Kisses to all,
    Rae Rae

  3. O ya, I wanted to say how great of an idea it was to have them be a lady bug and a bumble bee, it is adorable! I GET MY BRACES OFF ON THE 12TH I AM SO EXCITED!!!

  4. We had a demo at the Carlsbad Street Fair today! Auntie Beth came! It went well, except for the whole feet turning black thing but we all knew that was going to happen! We all had a great time but one of the Dads rolled up the airtrak and didn’t fold it in half and one of the new coaches dragged the airtrak to the beast but it went well! Everyone had a blast! I made fulls on the airtrak and my mini tramp stuff was really high! Call me!

    Rae Rae

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