Playing at the park!


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Well we are still enjoying some mild weather, so we took advantage and went to the park this morning. Tomorrow will be very windy with the possibility of flurries!! Uh Oh I’m not sure if I’m ready for this yet!

We tried to get a picture of both girls on the swing and this was the best we could get. As you can see this was a very emotional trip for Maggie. She has asked since we moved here to go on this big slide and finally Daddy said yes. Well, half way up the stairs she decided it was too high. We really tried to help her through it and I got her down the slide but she did not want to try again. This set off a lots of waterworks until we hit the swings and then things were better.

Layla loves getting to go on the swing and down the slides! She is getting so big, and everyday seems to be doing more. I know she will be moving all over the house soon. When she lies on the floor on her stomach she is in constant motion but hasn’t yet realized how to move. Although she has realized that you can do more than just roll back and forth and uses that to get around. Maggie is really trying to teach her how to crawl she usually gets down on the floor and shows her how to do it while explaining each step as well. She is a great teacher and Big Sister!!

We will see once Layla can get around and into everything how Happy Maggie will be!

5 thoughts on “Playing at the park!

  1. Big slides always remind me of the demo that we went to and my Dad took Maggie down the inflatable one! That is so sweet of Maggie! Teaching Layla how to crawl! She is so sweet! Ya Layla! Moving around so much! I miss you guys call me! I want to hear all that Miss Maggie Mae can say! haha that rhymed! 🙂 🙂

  2. Those are so cute! I love the static hair-it is so in this season lol! It looks like they had a ton of fun, expect for that big slide! They are getting so big, I can’t wait until February when Auntie Beth and I come to visit! Hope all is well!

    Rae Rae

  3. Too cute! We miss you guys a lot. Once the snow, starts you might want to think about a California vacation!!

  4. oh i haven’t been on in awhile can’t believe how big layla is getting…I was so sad to see miss maggies big real tears!! she is getting so big and is obviously the best big sister ever!! I love you guys and love seeing the great photos…miss you. Love Amy

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