4 thoughts on “Layla’s Sponge Bath

  1. hey guys sorry i have not been on with work and kids home a little crazy.. Layla is adorable. how is miss maggie feeling. i hope she is better… can not wait to see you guys keep a check on the mail sent out package yesterday should be there tomorrow….give girls a kiss from aunt mary love you all ….

  2. When Justin was a baby. he cried the whole time when Linda would bathe him. she thought she was hurting him. I said no your not. thoes baby are like rubber. but doin’t get me wrong. you can hurt a baby. That pic. brings back memories.
    Love to all. thank you for the pic’s.

  3. I like this pic. Hope you are all enjoying each other. I guess Linda will be leaving Sat. I bet Maggie will miss her G-ma. Love to all…………Cheers. Fran.

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