Maggie is better / G-ma & G-pa Slife are here

Maggie is better…she still has a little cough, but that’s it.  She was getting very sad because she was not able to go near Baby Layla.  Maggie has, of course, been the center of attention with everyone that has come to visit.  Layla has second child syndrome (no attention).  Grandma and Grandpa Slife are here now, so I’m sure Maggie will keep herself in the spotlight.  Oh well, I guess she can be a brat for a few weeks.

2 thoughts on “Maggie is better / G-ma & G-pa Slife are here

  1. I am so happy that Maggie is better! I felt so bad for the little Princess when she was sick!! I wanted her better right away…I don’t have a real sister so Maggie is as close as it gets!! I do not want her to ever get sick again! I am sure she is having a blast with her Grandparents!! Have fun!!

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