Meet Maggie’s New Friends!!!


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Maggie wanted to share pictures of all of her new friends. Our Playgroup had a Christmas in August celebration last week and I tried to get some pictures but of course that was tough since these guys don’t sit still long enough for a picture. We have been having a great time and meeting lots of new friends. I would just like to thank all the moms we have met for making our transition to WI so much easier. You guys are an awesome group of woman! I will start bringing the camera to more of our events. I’m sorry I didn’t add names to the pictures but I didn’t want to spell anyones name wrong, I will add them in later.

One thought on “Meet Maggie’s New Friends!!!

  1. I am so glad you guys are making new friends. I really like the clip that was in Maggie’s hair!! I hope you guys continue having fun!! I love the pics!!! I miss you so much.
    Love ya,
    Rae Rae

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