Old Pictures!


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Here are some pictures I took of Layla back in June and I’m not sure why I never put them on. But going through our pictures I found them and couldn’t resist especially the one with her tongue sticking out. She is getting so big- she now rolls over both ways when she feels like it. And will laugh but definitely makes you work for it.

The excitement of the big girl bed has worn off for Maggie, so at least once a night she makes a trip into our room- I’m still trying to figure out if she is really awake. During the week she sleeps till around 8, but for some reason on the weekends she comes in at 6! It is definitely what we deserve she spoiled us in the old house sleeping in till 10 some weekends. She is not a big fan of Thunder and Lightning either, we know she is coming in once that starts. Other than that she is doing great. We have been lucky enough to find a great playgroup that we have been enjoying. It is great for all of us! Gymnastics starts up again for her in a couple of weeks and hopefully some music classes- we’ll see.

3 thoughts on “Old Pictures!

  1. Those pictures are SSSOOO cute!! They are so adorable!! Congratulations to Layla on the rolling over! She is a big girl now! Maggie is so sweet!!! Please let me know how gymnastics and music goes!! I’m sure they will be a blast!! Squeezie weezies to all!! 😉 I miss you guys so much!
    Love you guys,
    Rae Rae

  2. Thanks for the pictures. Can you make a CD for me of pictures so I can make copies. I will blow up the one of Layla so that she has a big picture next to Maggie in the living room for you guys. Maggie what happened to my phone call????? Talk to you soon. Love ya Auntie Beth

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