Mom and Layla Come Home

Audra and I had a nice dinner at the hospital tonight.  The hospital treated us to steak and grilled chicken with sparkling cider and cheesecake.  It was nice and relaxing.

Audra and Layla get to come home tomorrow.  Beth is working the afternoon for me (thanks Beth) so I can go and pick them up.  If the hospital is running on time we should get to leave around 1:00 pm.  It’s getting late…I’ll put some more pictures on tomorrow…later.

2 thoughts on “Mom and Layla Come Home

  1. I never realized hospital food would be that good. I am very glad that Audra and Layla are home so now you guys are able to have a nice relaxing family day at home….get some sleep hopefully!! i hope all of you guys are doing well…if you guys ever need anyone to watch Maggie you know you can call and ask anytime! I am on spring break and so is my mom and dad so we will watch her whenever..if you need any favors give us a call!

  2. Thats a nice pic. of all of you on the bed in the hospital. I bet Maggie is so amazed over her cute little sister. I am glade Audra that you and Layla are doing fine. Take care of your self Audra and get some rest. Love G.Gma. Fran.
    Thanks for the Pic.s Keep them comming please. I enjoy them very much. Ps. that baby looks like me Justin. cause i’m cute.

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