We’re Home!!

Layla and I came home yesterday, and so far things are going great. Maggie was very excited to have “Baby Layla” home and has been wonderful with her so far. Loves to give her kisses especially when she is crying. Layla loves to eat and hopefully tonight we will work on sleeping- HaHa- wishful thinking I know. Auntie Beth and Aunt Amy will be taking Maggie out today so I will catch up on sleep then. We have some more pictures we will be adding today and will try to stay on top of new ones as the girls grow. Thanks for all the wonderful comments we can’t wait for you all to meet Layla!

2 thoughts on “We’re Home!!

  1. Congratulations! Layla is adorable and Maggie is getting so big! I wish you guys the best of luck with the two of them and all of your plans in the future. Justin told me that you have some big plans ahead of you and I wish you the best of luck.

  2. Hopefully both you and Justin will get some sleep and SOON! 🙂 Maggie is such a sweetheart…I hope we can see you guys soon…I miss you guys and I need my baby fix!! LOL!! Hope you guys are doing well!! Auntie Beth…yesterday i was thinking of you so me miranda and mini rode our bikes all the way to your house…and you weren’t even home!!! I never realized how many hills there were from my house to your house!! LOL! Hope to see you guys soon!

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