PIF- Pay It Forward

So awhile back I mentioned the Mommy Blogs I have been reading and there are some fun and great things they do on them. One of my favorite blogs is Melissa the Mouth, she is a mother of 2 girls who are very close in age to Maggie and Layla. Her blog is always entertaining and easy for me to relate to. She recently was the recipient of a Pay It Forward “chain letter,” and is keeping it going. I was randomly chosen by Melissa to receive a surprise from her in the mail and I intend to keep it going. The way to get a little special something from me is to leave a comment to this message. On Wednesday night I will be randomly choosing 3 people and sending them something. More info to come on Wednesday!!

3 thoughts on “PIF- Pay It Forward

  1. Sounds cool, I love the pictures! Is it still snowing in WI? I can’t wait to see you guys!! I miss you so much! Call me so we can catch up!
    Love you guys!
    Giant sqwezzie weezies,
    Rae Rae

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