The Catch Up!!

So – a lot has been going on around our household and there has not been much time to write, but I’m going to attempt to do some catching up right now. Maggie decided about 2 weeks ago (after a huge meltdown about going on the potty) that she was ready for panties. Well it was a rough couple of days and there was nothing positive happening with it, just a lot of laundry. Therefore I decided we needed to try this a different way and we found some Princess Pull Ups- and they worked miracles. I’m not sure if it was just timing, the Cool Alert (whatever that really means), or maybe the Hershey Kisses but Maggie has been dry and clean for 2 weeks now. YEAH!!! Today we are back to panties- so we’ll see how it goes. So far this morning has been very successful. Having only 1 in diapers has been great, of course the amount of time the 3 of us spend in the bathroom is putting a damper in our day. Our bathroom is very small and there is only one!!!

Layla is already 10 months old, I cant believe how fast it has gone. She is still just army crawling around, she pushes up but will not move. She has no problem moving around the house, and will stand if you put up. I’m sure she’ll eventually decide to pull up and then it will all be over. So I am not rushing it, and the army crawl really helps to keep the hard wood floors clean. She is babbling a lot, and laughs all day especially at her big sister.

Winter has hit WI pretty hard the last couple of weeks with snow and cold but we are surviving our first winter and keeping the house warm. We are still looking for a new nanny Part Time, Megan is back at home doing her internship but has come back to visit. Maggie still talks about her all the time! I was planning to go back to coaching a couple of evenings but so far no luck we’ll see hopefully in the next month. Leotard Crazy has been going really well and keeps me very busy and at the computer a lot which explains my lack of posts.

Well I guess that is all for now- hope you are all having a great weekend and enjoy the game tomorrow- Go Pats!!!


2 thoughts on “The Catch Up!!

  1. Oooh, a Patriots fan? Sorry about the loss today. That was a tough one.
    I cannot wait to have just one in diapers! The Princess pull ups have not been a hit around here, maybe I need to try the Lightning McQueen ones.

  2. Is Megan your old nanny? I never heard about her? CGo MAGGIE!!! Good job on the potty trainging! I can’t wait to see you guys! The girls are so cute and growing so fast! Call me, we need to catch up! I want to make sure Maggie still remembers her Rae Rae. I don’t want her to forget me.
    Love you guys,
    Rae Rae

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