Santa Attempt #2

Today I decided to venture to the mall with both girls and try for another Santa picture. Not too bad for the second time around, Maggie was actually excited to see Santa and after the picture she stayed on his lap and talked to him. Layla on the other hand- well you can see how excited she was. Hey, I figure only 1 crying were getting better, maybe we should try one more time. No thanks, we will wait till next year and hope for the best!

Maggie and I made our first Gingerbread house the other day and it is quite interesting. Of course I made it with Graham crackers because I was not about to attempt the baking and construction of a big one. It ended up being a lot for fun her, of course I think that had something to do with the M&M’s. She keeps asking when we can actually eat the house itself but I think we will skip eating that this year. There is a lot of frosting holding it together and fixing any cracks we made.

Christmas is only 6 days away!! Are you ready?

One thought on “Santa Attempt #2

  1. That is so funny about the gingerbread house! Maybe next year for Layla! Miss you guys and I hope your Christmas goes well! Merry Christmas! Love you,Rae Rae

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