Oh No- Whats on my head?

Just a couple of pictures from bath time tonight. Obviously Daddy was helping out and couldn’t resist some great pictures.

Well the weekend is over and believe it or not the tree is done!! YEAH! I wasn’t sure it would actually happen but we did and I think it looks beautiful. Maggie was a huge help and loved putting her special ornaments on the tree, she hasn’t moved too many as of today. I don’t think she likes that some needles fall off when you take them off. So that should help her leave them there. We will get some pictures soon. Now maybe tomorrow we can get the lights outside.

Layla has a tooth! It has taken forever but 1 tooth has finally come through. We had no idea she was teething she is still such a happy baby who makes lots of noise. We thought that since Maggie was such an early talker maybe Layla would be our quiet one. We were wrong she babbles all day and is already saying a few words. As far as crawling she still doesn’t get it, but that does not slow her down. If she wants something she will get it.

3 thoughts on “Oh No- Whats on my head?

  1. SO CUTE! I love the name Layla by the way. And my Little Dude didn’t get ANY teeth until he was 11 months. Then it was those 2 for about 3 months, and now he is working on his top front two, and a MOLAR! Ouch. By the way – I changed my blog name from mountainmama to lulufabulous. 🙂

  2. This was left on our blog. For some reason she must have thought Maggie belonged to me, so here you go:

    Hello, my name is Rebecca – I took photographs at the EROCK for Kids show at the Hartland Conservatory of Music in November. I took several more pictures that didn’t make it to the EROCK website that I wanted to share with you. To view, paste this into your browser:


    You’ll see a serious of photo albums, scroll down – it’s the third one down labeled EROCK for KIDS, you can either click on the album cover or the title of the album, and then go to the right and VIEW AS A SLIDESHOW – she is in picture #45 and #67 have a great Holiday!!! Rebecca

  3. LAYLA GOT A TOOTH!!! HOW EXCITING!! That is awesome! Those pictures are great! They’re hilarious, I love those girls they’re a hoot! 😉 I have a little news myself: I GOT MY ONE AND A HALF TWIST TUESDAY NIGHT!! WOOHOO!! Do you have any pics of the tree?

    Love ya,
    Rae Rae
    p.s. sweezie weezies to all and congrats to Layla Jae on her tooth! 🙂

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