Snow, Snow and more Snow!!!

So it has been snowing for over 24 hours now!! Giving Justin a snow day- yeah. It was a lot of fun to have Daddy home all day, and I got breakfast in bed which I will never complain about. While attempting to sleep in this morning Maggie kept coming in of course and finally got back into bed to talk to Mommy. Of course I was very quiet and not really responding to her, she had to get my attention. She leaned in my face for what I thought was going to be a kiss and after I kissed her she kept smiling with this funny look. I said Thank you for my kiss, and she corrected me that it was not a kiss, she
“was giving me a smile” it was the sweetest kind of kiss and how could I not smile after that.

What better way to start off the day!

1 thought on “Snow, Snow and more Snow!!!

  1. That is so sweet! Maggie is such a sweet heart, it is so like her to do something so sweet like that! She is such an adorable little girl! I am glad you guys got a family day! Call me!
    Love you guys! Big sweezie weezies and smiles,
    Rae Rae

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