The Greatest Noise!!

Tonight after putting the girls to bed I heard a few little noises at first and then before long Layla was hysterical laughing. Every few minutes I would hear Maggie laugh a little bit, but you could tell she was trying to hold it in probably so Mommy wouldn’t come in and tell her to get back in bed. After about a half hour I had to peek in and see what was going on, Maggie was so busy entertaining Layla that she didn’t even see me watching. She had one of her babies peeking into the crib and playing hide and seek with the baby and her little sister. They played for about an hour and then I guess they both finally passed out, what an awesome sound to hear them laughing and playing together. Really brings back memories of nights when I was younger and playing after bedtime with my brothers and sisters, I can still hear my dad yelling to us to go to sleep or else. I’m not really sure what the “or else” was we never did find out, but I know we spent many hours laughing and playing in our beds. I feel so lucky to have been raised in a family with siblings who of course had their fights but always loved each other and had fun!! I pray my girls will be as lucky to always have a best friend in each other as I have been with my siblings. To all my brothers and sisters I hope you know how much I love you and I wish we could all see each other more, I miss you all everyday. And speaking of siblings- Happy Belated Birthday Sam!!

5 thoughts on “The Greatest Noise!!

  1. those were great memories and i wish we could all get together more.. enjoy the laughter the arguing and bickering to come and then conversations and laughter again….i love and miss you kiss the girls….

  2. I am so longing for my kids to enjoy each other like that. My baby adores his big sister, but she is not entirely sold on the idea yet. We will get there. I also had a bunch of siblings that I am crazy about and really wanted that gift for my kids.

  3. That is so cute! Maggie and Layla are so cute! I am so glad they play together like that! It is so sweet! I miss you guys so much!
    I love you!
    Big sweezie weezies to all,
    Rae Rae

  4. Yes I remember those nights especially when Christian would call us to his room and than hold us there and yell to mom and dad that we were bothering him—hopefully this summer we can all visit in New York–even though there are no graduations. talk to you later

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