Stuart, IA

We made it about 750 miles today…not bad.  We are just outside of Des Moines in a small town called Stuart.  We have about 400 miles to go.

2 thoughts on “Stuart, IA

  1. Justin,
    Hope the drive is going well. We were wondering how it went with your neck sore before you even started. The girls came over last night to play. Maggie told us about Disneyland. Poor baby Layla just cried, her leg where she got all the shots was hurting her.
    Tonight will be our first time at the gym since you left. At least we will have Audra and the girls there to ease into life without you.
    Tina and I keep getting each other crying when we talk about you having left. We are happy for you – but you are dead meat if you don’t come back to visit. You have to come back and do a desert trip with all of us. How about Thanksgiving? Take care,Linda

  2. I hope your drive is going well and your neck it not hurting too bad. Please call me once you get there! I hope the drive wasn’t boring. Maggie and Layla came over like my Mom said and poor Layla. Maggie was like Mad Monster Maggie. She was a wild-child. There were cards and penguins and poker chips everywhere. Then we were running up and down the stairs and WOW that girl can laugh! I miss you so much. It was really hard to be at gym last night when you weren’t there. Figures that I hurt my knee on something dumb. I had done a bunch of fulls and so I went on tumble trak and did a full then a bunch of the girls were sitting on the pit mat doing nothing and then I said, “If you won’t go then I will.” Then I ran too far and did round off backhandpsring rebound and landed weird and hurt my knee. Go figure. You are going to be in big trouble if you don’t visit and keep in touch! I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!! Love ya,

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