Layla 8 weeks!


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Well Justin has made it to WI, they arrived yesterday and spent today unloading the truck and getting the house ready. We are hoping we will all be able to sleep there Saturday night, the girls and I get in on Saturday afternoon. Maggie is really missing her Daddy and it will be nice to get her back on a regular schedule, life has been a little crazy for her.

Layla is doing awesome and loves to smile we went to the Doctor this week. And she obviously isn’t missing any meals, she has gained almost 4lbs, and got caught up on her shots.

3 thoughts on “Layla 8 weeks!

  1. I can’t believe Layla is 2 months old already! Of course, I can’t believe that Maggie is 2 YEARS old! You girls have a good flight and a happy reunion with daddy! We’ll be thinking of you.

    Love, Aunt Debbie and Uncle Tom

  2. Yes i’m sure Maggie will be glad to see her daddy as Justin will be so happy to see his lovely wife and beautiful daughters Have a safe flight Audra It can be quite an inventure with two small children. I will say a little prayer for you. Enjoy your new home.
    Love, Fran.

  3. I am so happy that she is growing nicely and she is so cute!! Good luck in Wisconsin…I can’t wait to see you. I will miss you guys so much! I love you guys
    Rae Rae

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