Check out my New Bed!!


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Maggie got a big girl bed last week!! And she is very excited- we love to play and read in it now. She has been doing a great job at night also and is warming up to the idea that Layla will be in the crib soon in her room.

There are also some new pictures from our field trip to the fire house. Layla is growing like crazy and is now rolling over and laughing, I will add some new pictures of her this week also.

Auntie Beth comes in a few days and we are all very excited!!!

New Pictures!


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I was really trying to get a picture of both girls together, but as you can see I think all I really did was piss Layla off. Someday we will get a nice one of girls together.

Layla got a new chair today and as you can see Loved being able to sit up and see everything around her.

Sorry Its Been So Long!


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Life here has been a little crazy, Justin has been working a lot and Leotard Crazy has been really busy. I have not been able to get pictures on the computer with all the orders. And then Maggie and I have been trying to get out as much as we can in the afternoon. going to parks and on walks getting out to meet new people.

Last week Gma, Gpa, Aunt Heidi, and Andrew came up to go to the Beach and the kids loved it. Maggie wasn’t sure what to think of the rocks but quickly got used to it and played in the water the whole time we were there. Gma and Gpa took pictures so hopefully we will get some of those to put on.

I’ve just finished adding the 4th of July pictures and then just some new ones of the girls around the house. You can see Maggie really likes to help with Bathtime, I’m not too sure if Layla was enjoying as much as Maggie was. They are both getting so big!!

We’re Home!!


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We got back from NY on Saturday, it was a great trip and Maggie is still asking for everybody and talking about going in the ocean. She was very HAPPY to see her Daddy though, and he couldn’t believe how big Layla got while we were gone. She is growing so fast and starting to make lots of noise. Here are some more pictures from the park with Gma, Gpa, Uncle Luke and Missy (Layla was with us too but she was to busy sleeping to get in any pictures). And from our last night when we with Mary and her family to the beach to listen to live music. I think you can tell how much Maggie loved being with her cousins. Can’t wait to do it again!

Sunday we went to the parade and watched Fireworks from our front lawn- we will share those pictures after the 4th, because I’m sure there will be more. Justin has time off this week so hopefully we can do some more unpacking and organizing.