Preschool Already!

I can’t believe it we are already looking into Preschool’s for Maggie. Yesterday we went on a tour of a great school right here in Hartland, Wee Know School. It was an awesome school and Maggie had a blast, I think she would have been fine if we just left her there for the whole morning. We will hopefully be able to get her in for next September, registration is next month and guess there classes fill up fast. The school itself is in an old schoolhouse with a gym for those days when the kids can’t go outside. The gym is filled with bikes, swings a playhouse, a stage and so much for the kids to do. Their outside area is 8 acres with everything from walking trails to a small sledding hill. I want to go back to Preschool sounds like a lot more fun than work.

Dressed & Ready for the Game!!

So yes I know I have really been slacking on posts and pictures, but winter in WI has hit our house pretty hard this last week. Maggie started with a cold and fever last weekend and was nice enough to pass it on to Layla who got the worst of it. Finally, today she seems back to herself now its just listening to the cough which they say can last up to 4 weeks.

They are both getting so big I have added a few new photos from us around the house since that is the only place we’ve really been lately. And yes Beth I also added the sledding pictures from when you were. Sorry it took so long.

We are ready to hang out today and watch some football and I know you will all routing for the Patriots! HaHa! Have Fun and enjoy the games!

So Far Behind!

Beth & Maggie

Well I have really slacked on pictures and posts life has been a little crazy.

We had a great visit with Beth and I have started to add her pictures. We went to a new children’s museum close to our house, the Children’s Play Gallery is an interactive museum with art activities, a stage, a great play house and a big Pirate Ship. Maggie was not too fond of the Pirate Ship but she loved the Playhouse. Layla got to play in her own little area where she loved the Ladybug with the blocks. We also spent the day at Betty Brinn Children’s Museum in Milwaukee, and what a great place that is. Daddy did not get to come but Maggie is excited for when he can come with us. I did not add those pictures yet but they will be coming in a few days.

Right now we are battling with colds and Bronchial infections- just the trials of our first winter in Wisconsin. Hopefully the girls will be healthy by this weekend and we can get out again.

And Beth- yes the first sledding pictures with you are on our camera they will be coming soon!


Happy New Year! Well I have started off the new year a little lazy about posting, but we are busy in our house these days. Beth is visiting and we are all enjoying time with her, Maggie is of course loving having her here. Mommy can no longer do anything and although it is a nice break I do miss tucking her in at night, and most of all cuddling in bed first thing in the morning. But we know Beth’s visit will be too short as it always is because we would love to have here all the time. We will post pictures and tell about our busy week as soon as it slows down.