1st Bite of Cereal!

1st Bite of Cereal!

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Sorry it took so long to get these up. Layla has been doing great with her cereal she is definitely a good eater. We have tried some squash this week and she is not to sure about that. Today she decided to put a Cheerio in her mouth and just like her sister she gagged on it for awhile.

Maggie is getting over a stomach flu so it was been a long couple of days for her but I think we are over it and hoping that Layla will not get it.

Monday we have our 1st trip to our Doctor I was really looking forward to seeing how much weight Maggie had gained. This summer she seemed as if she has grown so much, but I think we now lost a few pounds. Layla has had no trouble with weight although she seems to keep getting longer and not much thicker.

We hired a new babysitter for a couple of hours a week so I can get work done on Leotard Crazy and so far it has been great! Maggie really seems to like her of course Layla has given her a hard time, but she is still getting used to someone else feeding her. Hopefully she will be totally on the bottle by next month! She is pickier than Maggie was since she has hardly gotten bottles over the last 6 months.

I think that catches everyone up on what we have been up to- we will get some new pictures outside as the leaves change. I am so happy to see that again!



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We had a great time today Celebrating Jamie, Lucie and Drew’s Birthday!! Maggie got to play at the park and then eat cake and pizza with her friends, and Layla of course just hung out. We had such a great time- Thank you Kelly and Luanne!

Layla is growing so much and starting to laugh a lot more, still not much rolling around though. She doesn’t have much of an interest in playing on the floor unless of course Maggie and I are down there with her. She is a new phase of separation anxiety- if you leave the room she starts screaming. Its funny because if she is in the stroller at the park where she can’t see anyone she is fine.

Maggie starts gymnastics tomorrow!! Her and her friend Addyson will be doing class together, and I’m not sure if Mommy or Daddy will get to do it with her. I think I’m gonna be teaching some classes on Thur. mornings but I’m not sure what time yet- I guess I’ll find out tomorrow. I’m excited to get back in the gym.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the pictures!